The term „pyrope“  is derived from the greek  “pyropos”, meaning
“fiery-eyed” , and refers to the finest colour of this garnet species.  

Pyrope also is the name of a mineral, which is formed deep within the earth under very high pressure.
Only a very small fraction of these pyropes are of gem quality, and “fiery-eyed” pyropes in the true sense are very rare gemstones.  

We are continously searching for finest pyrope colour, which we can cut into nice gemstones, from small facetted mellee sizes to  big “carbuncle” cabochons.  


The tem „almandine“ is derived from the name of the antique city Alabanda in Asia Minor, which Pliny mentioned as an important hub for manufacturing and trading of garnet (carbuncle) in Hellenistic and Roman times.

All our almandines are 100% natural and untreated!